About Us

SGT, founded in 1998, is a leading supplier of SAP solutions, with a niche market focusing on Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Manufacturing, and Automotive. Ranked top among the 100 fastest-growing companies, SGT now has over 300 employees, offering the best solutions approach to design, build, run and maintain 50+ projects. SGT, the preferred digital business consulting company, is headquartered in the USA, with subsidiaries in North America, the Middle East (UAE), APAC (Singapore & India), and Europe (Germany).

SGT - Production

SGT is a nominated SAP global energy industry solution development partner providing IT Consulting & Technology Services. With a global staff presence and a list of clients that includes Fortune 500 companies, we are energy and chemicals industry experts bringing companies the IT and operational systems solutions that they need for success.


Our Approach

Business Statistics

  • Process Sector - Oil & Gas Upstream/Downstream/Midstream, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp & Paper, Metals & Mining
  • 300+ Industry Experts
  • 30% Reduction in cycle time
  • 50+ Projects Worldwide
  • 5+ Process Industry Segments

Powerful Solutions that Drive Innovation

SGT employs a multitude of SAP solutions like SAP Enterprise Warehouse Management (EWM), SAP Business by Design, and SAP S4HANA to optimize your business processes leveraging SAP whether you are fortune 500 or 5000. With a full range of expertise in a variety of SAP products, SGT’s goal is to make your business more profitable by leveraging technology, industry expertise, and rapid delivery. Clients realize optimal ROI through matching benefits derived from SGT’s long-term subscription-based services model.

Key SGT Enablers

  • Digital Supply Chain Optimization Solutions
  • Customer Value Chain Enablement
  • After Market Services
  • Chemical Industry Best Practice
  • Official SAP partner and reseller for several SAP solutions
  • Global delivery model optimizing implementation costs
  • Oil & Gas Production Solutions
  • Automotive and Manufacturing Solutions
  • Manufacturing/MES Systems
  • Analytics Solutions with cloud and on-premise focused (AI/ML enablers)

Why SGT Global

SGT is a proven global leader in implementing SAP solutions for the process sector with unique selling propositions as follows:

Experts in SAP Product Implementation

With a history of both functional and technical experience in the Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Manufacturing & Automotive, SGT is equipped to implement SAP solutions supported by a deep functional understanding of the industrial process. SGT understands the end-to-end industry value chain and multifaceted challenges facing companies in these industries. This unique perspective allows us to better tailor a suite of SAP tools and systems to your company's particular needs. This is further supported by SGT's global network of employees, consultants, and company experts that are available to be deployed in an on-demand manner to meet the varying customer requirements.

  • SAP Enterprise Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • SAP Business by Design
  • Human Capital Management - SAP Success Factor
  • SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Rapid Delivery at Optimized Costs

Being a global SAP solutions partner for Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Manufacturing & Automotive, SGT has developed industry-focused implementation templates and accelerators, leveraging a global delivery model to drive cycle time/cost reductions and mitigating risks for its customers' SAP projects.

Optimized ROI - Matching Costs to Value Realization

For small & medium businesses, SGT offers a bundled monthly recurring fee model that includes SAP fee, hosting, implementation, and long-term support. This recurring monthly fee amortizes the upfront software and implementation costs and allows customers to optimize their ROI by matching expenses to value realization.

Compelling Unique Value Proposition

SGT, with its a) Deep industry focus b) Proven global delivery model and c) bundled all-inclusive subscription fee model for small & medium business (SMB) owners, truly delivers a compelling value proposition for the process and discrete manufacturing sectors.


GLOBAL Executive Board

Kumar Bashyam

Global CEO

35+ years of experience

Oil & Gas, Automotive & Manufacturing and Chemical Industry

Chris Rhame

Global President

30+ years of experience

Oil & Gas, Automotive & Manufacturing and Chemical Industry

Randall Engalla

SVP Business Development

30+ years of experience

Oil & Gas, Energy, Chemical, Industrial equipment, Automotive, Consumer pac..


Vish Dharmapala

COO – US & India

25+ years of experience

Automotive & manufacturing, Tax & Revenue Management, Financial Banking & I..

Sai Raj Kothamasu

Sales Force - Global Head

17+ years of experience

Oil & Gas Industry, IT Consulting and Engineering and Cloud Technology

Ramachandran Krishnaswami

Director - Symcon Global Technologies India Pvt Ltd

29+ years of experience

Chemical Industry, IT Consulting and Engineering


Board of Advisors & Industry Advisors

Hemant Minocha

Board Advisor

42+ years of experience

Telecom Industry, Emerging Technology Space

Dr. Siegmar Haasis

Industry Advisor

27+ years of experience

Automotive, Manufacturing, Digital Engineering, Consulting, Startup ecosyst..

Ralph Burrell

Industry Advisor

30+ years of experience

Automotive, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government & Education, IT Consultin..

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